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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AirQuery another BI tool?

At AirQuery, we think of ourselves as the ‘un-BI’ or ‘more than BI tool’. AirQuery is a modern SAAS information platform with comprehensive coverage of all aspects of reporting and analytics. In simpler words, everything you wanted to know or learn about your business but didn’t know who to ask? We’ve got you covered.

Do check out more information about our Quicklets feature and capabilities on BI.

Does AirQuery support financial reporting?

Absolutely. With AirQuery, you get to create financial statements with the level of detail you like. You can drill down to the most minute transactional details or keep it more generic.

Do we need to have a data warehouse?

It’s not necessary. If you don't have a data warehouse, AirQuery provides you with a data warehouse on a click of a button.

Is AirQuery suited for operational reporting?

Short answer - yes.

Long answer - AirQuery is the only SAAS product that offers in-depth operational reporting features.

Can AirQuery extract data from an on-premise database?

Yes, AirQuery’s Data Jump Agents can be deployed on-premise to extract data.

How can I sign up for a trial account?

You can fill out the contact form, and we will demo the product and its features before sending you the login information.

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