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Excel SQLEdge

SQL Query Editor for Oracle Cloud Applications

Are you a Developer who is supporting Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications?

Then this tool is for you. Use the Excel SQLEdge capabilities to dig deeper into the Cloud ERP data to run Adhoc Queries.
Run real-time SQL Queries against Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications using the Excel SQLEdge (Excel Add-in) a completely Free Tool.

Benefits of Excel SQLEdge

An Excel Add-in (It is as easy as it gets)

A lightweight Excel add-in that enables the SQL editor to be used from anywhere and on any computer. Add the plug-in to Excel and start using it.

The convenience of SQL Query editor

Write SQL queries to retrieve data from Oracle Fusion Cloud, and no additional specialized skills are required.

Query Results can be Analyzed in Excel

Data can be exported to Excel for further analysis or downstream requirements.

Excel XLEdge

Excel Reporting for Oracle Cloud Applications.
OTBI Reports
BIP Reports
SQL Query Reports

AirQuery’s Excel XLEdge allows you to pull real-time data from multiple applications and data sources into Excel. There you have it – all the ease of Excel with all the coverage of a modern information platform.

$99 / Month / User

Benefits of Excel XLEdge

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Analyze real-time data within Excel

Streamline your work by getting information from various sources in Excel.

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Safe & secure

The Add-in supports and enforces the permission-based access the organization has put in place.

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Ideal for operational reporting

Generate reports based on real-time data. Save time and boost productivity even more by using one of our 1000+ pre-built business reports.

Business Intelligence

SaaS/PaaS (AWS/Azure/GCP/Oracle)
BI Instance

Information Platform That’s More Than BI

With some platforms, BI is the end in itself. With AirQuery, it is a means to an end – data-driven decision-making that translates into a successful business. We offer a sophisticated cloud-based platform that helps business users to derive insights from data. Our intuitive dashboards, facility to work with real-time data, and other self-service capabilities make us the preferred choice of BI platform.

Benefits of Business Intelligence

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Self-service capabilities

Democratizes BI in your team. No need for technical expertise or specialized domain knowledge to get the insights you need.

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Ideal for analytics on operational data

From minute details to big-picture trends. From real-time data to data tracked over time. You have it all here.

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Modern BI Solution

Go for the whole AirQuery suite or pick and choose components that fit your existing BI pie. Either way, you benefit from the latest technology that the BI space has to offer.

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